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Lake Dolores Waterpark. 
Image used with permission from Whitewater West.

We started at bedrock

In 2011 we we decided to found OasisThemepark we started building it at bedrock.  We also decided to build our own path because the path we wanted to take to get to our goal didn't exist.

We started with Lake Dolores. It is a water park many people love & want to see reopen. It would create a massive amount of jobs both near & far from it. 

The more we learned about the Byers's family that built the original the more it inspired us to do everything to restore & reopen it before doing anything else.

Outside the box

Everything we do is outside the box.  

We did just about everything to have people talking about the park. For a while people were treating the park like a person on Facebook. So instead of fans or followers the park had family members. People got to chose how they were related, it was a lot of fun.  Due to security reasons we left   Haters thank you for doing your part, you helped more then you know.  It's a lot easier to do things when one is underestimated.   

Parties not understanding how the internet works & what USC & CFR  are also helped.

Truth is much stranger then fiction

In 2011 OTP'S full business plan was sent to every branch of the US government. It was accepted. It took until 2016 to make sure everything was right.  It had to be seeing as we have projects that run nationwide one wrong move and the FBI would paying us a visit.   Having any business without real oversight & accountability is begging for problems. 

The resulting contract was accepted by the 2016 White House, IRS ,  Federal Reserve. The FBI was asked to watch everything we did, they didn't say no.

Because they accepted all funding OasisThemepark would put int the US economy via job creation, buying goods & services legally became property of the US economy.  The US economy is the sole property of the USA.  Stealing from the USA is a really bad idea. 

JP Morgan Chase's greed in 2016 caused it to defraud the US economy & have lawyers lie in US Court in effort to cover up their wrong doing.  The internet recorded every detail as it happened.  Since our insane accountability & oversight had been activated the package that is supposed to protect our employees & vendors we enter into contract with was also tested.  The banks tested failed, so did the CFPB.  Members of the 2017 Congress, the Senate & 2017 White House were sent the full details no several problems. The evidence to back it up was also included.   Nothing was done.  The response Trump's White House correspondence sent is OasisThemeparks pinned Tweet. Wanted people to know the response sent.  Wanted to answer questions about it. 

Never Ignore information

All the problems in the USA are happening because a  combo of , ignorance, greed, lack of accountability & oversight by USA's big decision makers.    

Members of the 2019 Congress, 2019 Senate were sent the full details, now we are just watching to see who does what.   In 2011 we were called crazy for building our foundation the way we did.

Maybe now those people will understand the insane proactive approach we took. 

Doing things the right way is never easy or quick.  Doing things the right way the first time will keep you from having a lot of problems in the future.

In the mean time please wear a mask, gloves & practice social distancing when you HAVE to go out.   To those that are against the stay at home orders, ever hear of Typhoid Mary?   

Would you be comfortable coming in contact with several modern day versions?

In the words of Bill S Preston Esquire 

Be  Excellent to each other.