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About Us

Grab interest


The best way to gain attention is to do the unexpected. We love doing that.

In 2011 almost no one was talking about  Lake Dolores in Newberry Springs, We changed that by  doing  things out of the box.

Generate excitement


A business is only as strong as it's foundation.  It took us 6 years to legally build OasisThemepark's  foundation.

It would take a real HJR Act from Congress to destroy it.    

We wanted to make sure OasisThemepark  would not make the same mistakes some businesses have.  

Close the deal


In 2016 JP Morgan Chase's greed activated  OasisThemepark's accountability & oversight which required everything to be fully documented then given to the White House, Senate , Congers , & FBI.   This is hold up. 

OasisThemepark's public disclosure went into effect in  April 2011. This means  OasisThemepark  & it's owners can tell  the public anything. No lawyer can silence us.