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About Us

Job creation in your area.

Hello job searcher 

OasisThemepark does everything outside the box. From building the company's foundation and social interaction to job creation.

OasisThemepark gives you the Public a say in job creation in your area. You the Public know what kind of jobs & problems your area needs help solving.  OasisThemepark has made job hunting & solving those problems a bit easier. 

Remember your Representatives in Congress & the Senate work for you. Here is a way to put them to work for you directly. Tell your representatives in Congress or the Senate to request OasisThemepark to create living wage paying jobs in their district.  There is not cost for our help.

When a member of Congress or the Senate requests OasisThemepark to create living wage paying jobs or help solve problems in their district, we can't say no.  Congress & the Senate are OasisThemepark's oversight & accountability. We must help them when requested to do so.

Like you, OasisThemepark is truly one of a kind.