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Truly One Of A Kind

Company Name


OasisThemepark as a business is truly one of a kind.  It is named after taking a walking tour of Lake Dolores.

The park looked to us like a Themepark was built in the middle of an oasis.

The more we learned about the  Byers family that originally built Lake Dolores ,the more  we knew we had to do everything to restore & reopen the park to honor them .  Over the years we talked to people from all over the world that went to the park when it had it's standing slides.

Their stories & experiences inspired  us.    

Projects Nation Wide


Lake Dolores Waterpark in Newberry Springs California isn't  OasisThemepark's only project.  

We have  50 +.  This is why OasisThemepark had to have a solid foundation

OasisThemePark did something no one was expecting. The full details of what OasisThemepark planned  to do was sent to was sent to Congress, Senate, IRS, White House & more. The plan was accepted. 


Employee Package


OasisThemepark's employee package has United States Code  written into it.  This stacks the deck in OasisThemepark's employees's favor. 

Once Congress or the Senate assures  OasisThemepark's owners USC  will be upheld  OasisThemepark will start hiring for all of it's projects.  A lot of time & effort were put into it  so OasisThemepark employees would be able to use their one of a kind safety net the moment they are hired.  

Congress & the Senate are OasisThemepark's oversight & accountability.